Cooter's Last Stand

Hey y'all! 

Hope this blog post finds you happy and well :) I am at home working away! Between my two girls, Sophia and Laura, and our five dogs, it gets a little hectic around here!

I'm going to be at Megacon in Orlando, Florida this weekend--if any of y'all are in the area, come on over and say hi. And this summer, I cannot wait for...drum roll please... COOTER'S LAST STAND! I love getting together with the Dukes family and think it's gonna be a great time. My girls can't wait either! It's gonna be July 29th and 30th in Luray, Virginia-- I just love Ben and Alma and can't wait for all of us to get together! 

If there's any questions y'all have or any topics in particular you'd like me to cover in my blog, shoot me an email at I'd love to hear from you! 

xoxo Catherine


  • Hi Catherine, I emailed you at your websites email address, hope all is well!

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  • Is this the real Catherine Bach?! The original Daisy Duke and the biggest poster my Dad had on his wall. My earliest memory is of Dad showing me what a ‘real woman looks like’ :)

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