How I stay healthy!

Hi there,

Hope everyone is having a happy, healthy August! I am enjoying time with my daughters and thinking about all the fun times we had at Cooter's Last Stand. What a great weekend. My daughter Laura introduced me to Fried Oreos!
Besides those Oreos...I am trying to stay in shape for all of the fun things that go along with summer—sports, hiking, biking, and more. I’ve gotten requests through the @DaisyCountry instagram to talk health and wellness…so here we go!

First of all: what do I mean by "health"? I don’t necessarily mean being a size double zero. There are plenty of those who are unhealthy (and plenty who are healthy). I mean consuming foods that, in the long term, help your body instead of harming it, as well as doing exercise that keeps you feeling good well into your 100’s! No—seriously! My uncle Gene in South Dakota just celebrated his 104th birthday and is strong as an ox, and sharp as a tack.

For me, health is something I always have to keep working at—an indulgence here and there is delicious, but for the most part, it is important to stay on it. Consistency is key. For years when my kids were little, I went through spurts of being incredibly healthy, followed by one cheat meal—usually something I made for my kids, like chicken fingers or French fries—that turned into a cheat day, that turned into a cheat week. And at the end of it I felt Unhealthy and tired. So, I learned that for the most part, if I could avoid these "trigger foods," foods that triggered me to go overboard because I loved them so much, it would not be hard to keep to a healthy
eating plan.

I have a major sweet tooth—who doesn’t? When I was playing Daisy Duke, sometimes I would even have a donut each morning, then just carefully monitor the food that I consumed the rest of the day. I did this for weeks on end! While calorically I was able to not gain weight and stay in shape, since I worked out basically like an Olympic athlete, ultimately, this sweet tooth cost me a lot of energy and was not healthy in the long term. It left me feeling drab, irritable, and constantly tired.

So for me, the key is to stick to as little processed sugar as possible. I eat fruits that satisfy my sweet tooth, but when it comes to the cupcakes, waffles, and ice cream my daughters and their friends always bring around the house…I say no thank you! It’s hard, but the more you do it, the easier it is. Another key is eating protein. It fills you up and gives you power to go through the day. I try to have protein at every
meal—whether it’s chicken, lentils, beans, a handful of nuts and seeds or plain Greek yogurt.
For me, the final building block is exercise. My girls say I work out like a maniac!

Since they are older now, and I am not driving carpool, I wake up, have my smoothie (I will give you the recipe later!) and go straight to yoga class. Then, from yoga, I go straight to a dance class! This back-to-back two hour block of exercise sets the tone for a great day.

So, if I had to leave you with one piece of advice: eat as many fruits, veggies, and natural foods as possible, and find an exercise that you love then stick to it! 
Bye for now,
Xoxo Catherine 


  • Hi! I loved the Dukes and loved your character best! I was wondering what exercises you did during the Dukes that kept you in such great shape? What exercises, how long and how often would you do them? Basically, I’d like to copy your routine. :-) I’m a huge fan and my boys think you’re pretty too!

    Cynthia Linn Bowen
  • i am sad to be missing the special day in luray today 5 12 18 … i am really thinking of trying to visit and play some music.. i love your work and i love you more as a person … keep up the good work and stay healthy . love always your friend and fan Racerx your long lost brother from another XOXO

    Robert lovell
  • Sweetheart you are an angel from heaven. You always look so beautiful. Love always my friend

    Jamie bales

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